Insane items that you can just buy at Sam's Club, like seriously, who needs some of these things?

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I am an avid Sam's Club shopper, I go there once a month (after middle of the month pay day) and stock up on snacks, soda, and Jack Daniel's to get me through the next month. Sam's Club is a majestic beast, with so many amazing deals, and also filled with some of the craziest items known to retail shopping. I put a little list of together here of REAL items you can buy from Sam's Club right now.

  • Floating Picnic Table - This thing is sick...I have zero use for it because I don't have a lake house or a giant pool BUT if I did, I would buy this for almost $600 in a heart beat.
  • 85" Samsung TV - For only $3,297.99 this tv that is larger than me (I'm 6'5" tall btw) can be yours.
  • Sauna - Yes you read that correctly...for only $2,299.00 you can buy a 3 to 4 person sauna at Sam's Club. WILD...
  • Jungle Gym - A legit Jungle Gym with Monkey bars, swing set, hanging bridge, and more. This thing looks like it belongs on a school playground and it can be yours for $1,348.00.
  • 52 Razors - My dad's personal favorite, only guy I know who shaves multiple times a week who prefers the cheap disposable razors, preferably the 52 pack of them from Sam's.

This barely scratching the surface of the brilliance that is Sam's Club, the place where you can buy a Sauna, 52 pack of razors, and 4 pounds of frozen strawberries all under one giant roof, and on the way out the nice 82 year old man will scan your items one by one trying not to judge you on your purchases.

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