Gas is tight, and flights are more expensive by the day, so if you are looking for a great vacation without having to travel thousands of miles then you need to spend some time in Chicago this summer!

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The song goes "Vacations all I ever wanted" but this summer with rising costs of flights, gas, and literally everything else in the world, maybe you are thinking about taking a Staycation instead, well lucky for us here in the Tri-States because Chicago was just named the 3rd best city in the country for a staycation this summer.

According to, Chicago ranks 3rd behind only Honolulu in first and Orlando in 2nd place for staycations and ranks just ahead of Ft. Lauderdale in 4th and Portland, Maine in 5th. WalletHub ranked the cities based on a number of different factors including Recreation, Food, Activities, and Relaxation, Chicago ranks in the top 5 for recreation and 11th for rest and relaxation.

How did the other cities close to us in the Tri-States fair? Well, St. Louis ranked very well coming in 27th on the list and getting a 6th place ranking for Food and Entertainment, meanwhile, Kansas City didn't fair as well coming in 81st on the list mainly because it ranked very poorly in the recreation category. To see the full list of rankings for yourself click here!

I will say that we are very lucky to have multiple great cities that are within a quick drive/train ride to get to for a staycation this summer. Chicago really does deserve to be ranked that high in my opinion, especially with the free Zoo, brilliant free beaches, parks, and entertainment choices. Where are you planning a staycation to this summer?

Here are shots from the greatest views in state of Illinois

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