November arrives next week and if you are in desperate need of getting out of the area and doing some exploring then head to the Windy City. A travel website has named Chicago as one of the best places to visit in November, here is why...

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According to the travel website,, Chicago makes the list of best places to visit in November. Other destinations on this list include Las Vegas, Moab, Washington D.C., Vail, and Boston. So what makes Chicago so special in November? On the site they say...

"...enjoying the colorful leaves on the trees at the many parks throughout the city. The cool weather also makes it a great time to enjoy the city’s ambiance-rich cafes, making November one of the best times of the year for writers to enjoy a solo writing retreat…events like Christkindlmarket, the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, and Chicago Christmas Tree lighting. The Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon opens November 19, and it’s the coolest ice rink I’ve been to."

To read more about Chicago's greatness in November and to see the complete list for yourself click here!

This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time I advocate for taking trips to big cities across America in the fall months. Not having to deal with "ubering" everywhere because it's a billion degrees out, and taking advantage of all the fall festivities makes the big cities in the US so desirable to travel to in the fall. It is a small window however, you have to enjoy them between now and December 1st, because after that with most of the northern cities like Chicago the weather is too big of a crap shoot to deal with.

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