When you pass the potatoes, you could be passing along a deadly virus. The Centers for Disease Control says it's safest to stay home and celebrate Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving week is traditionally the busiest travel time of the year. It's a recipe for spreading COVID-19 and reigniting infection zones across the country. It's not just the extended family gathering around the table that the CDC warns against. It also suggests skipping shopping trips, taking part in races, or attending parades.
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The CDC is offering ideas for alternative ways to celebrate the holiday:
*Having a small dinner with only members of your own household
*Delivering a porch Thanksgiving meal for people who are at higher risk of COVID
*Having a virtual dinner
*Shopping online rather than going out to grab Black Friday deals
*Watching sports, parades, and movies from home rather than in-person
It remains to be seen whether Americans will be willing to sacrifice family gatherings after curtailing our activities for months. I suspect not. Perhaps the people who are at higher risk from severe illness will stay home.
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