Can we all admit it? People drive crazy in Tri-States. I mean, from texting and driving (which is illegal) to not using turn lanes properly, people drive like they're in the Daytona 500.

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Now, I've been driving for a while now, and I have a pretty clean record. Doesn't mean I don't mess up now and then, but hey, we all do. So just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how I'd fare if I were to take the Illinois drivers test again. Right now. No preparation. Just years of experience in my wheelhouse.

In hopes of winning some bragging rights on the day, I pitched the idea to a few of us here at the station and we all gave it the old college try.  Considering we have all been driving for quite some time, I figured we would all do pretty well. Maybe ace it? Definitely pass it at least.

Boy was I wrong.

Out of 40 questions, Mark was perfect and got 100%, and Michael came in second with a score of 37 (92.5%).  All passing scores, but not exactly the flying colors we were hoping for.

Then there is me. Now before I tell you my score, let me remind you that I have only one speeding ticket to my name (they cannot say the same). I scored 29 out of 40. 73 percent. It's not a great score and it's certainly not a passing score (80 percent is the cutoff). I guess I need to start studying a little bit.

Below is a little sampling of some of the questions. But you can check out the full tests at the following links: Illinois Drivers Test and Missouri Drivers Test. Good Luck!

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