Now that Brooks and Dunn have announced their reunion, don't expect a lot of backstage drama. Though fans have often speculated about the reasons for their split four years ago, the pair downplayed any differences in a new interview.

They will reunite for a residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that is slated to kick off in June of 2015. The duo will be joined by Reba McEntire, with whom they toured extensively in the '90s.

The idea came about from a simple dinner between the three friends about six months ago. They were swapping old touring stories when someone suggested they should perform together again.

"Kix said, 'I'm for it.' Ronnie said, 'I'm in,' and I said, 'You know I'm in!' They're my brothers," McEntire tells Rolling Stone.

"We've been going to dinners and going on vacations together, which is pretty amazing considering Ronnie and I hate each other and don't get along," Brooks says with a laugh. "We love hanging out and playing music. We thought, let's do it somewhere besides the campfire."

The news came as a surprise to fans, because neither of the former partners had expressed any public interest in a reunion. But it's not as unlikely as it might appear.

"Certainly Ronnie and I always considered ourselves brothers more than friends," Brooks assures. "We've never been afraid to express our differences of opinions to each other. We just hadn't swept a lot of stuff under the rug."

"There's never been hate or discord," Dunn adds. "We've never not been friends."

Brooks and Dunn parted ways in 2010, and both men have since pursued solo careers. If there are any conflicts in getting back together, they have their old friend Reba McEntire on hand to help sort things out.

"We needed a good referee," Brooks quips. "[Reba] makes us both behave. It really is a great way for Ronnie and I to get back together. I think it's been a great break for both [of] us."

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