This young Illinois girl is a trooper. She's too tough to admit that the flaming Cheetos she's chowing down on are way too hot for her even though her face says otherwise as a viral video shows.

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According to the video description, this fun Cheetos moment happened in Odin, Illinois. It features an unnamed little girl who absolutely loves one of the flaming hot variations of Cheetos. These aren't just your regular ordinary hot Cheetos either. These are the "Flamin' Hot Carolina Reaper" Cheetos which features one of the hottest spices known to man.

Pepper Head rates the Carolina Reaper spice as the world's hottest pepper. They say it provides "unrelenting, face-melting heat". That sounds about right. It's enough to bring a full-grown man to his knees. Truly.

Add that to Cheetos and you have a real culinary challenge. That's why it's admirable that the little Odin, Illinois girl isn't willing to admit defeat. I don't know what she'll eventually achieve in life, but I predict it will be great. If you can wolf down a bag of this variation of Cheetos, you can do practically anything. I salute.

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