If you're one of those misguided souls for whom the dead of winter is your absolute favorite time of year, if you're all-time favorite movie features Elsa, Anna and Olaf, I have a couple of suggestions for a weekend getaway.

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In fact, you could call the five 'Ice Castle' attractions around the country 'Frozen' come to life.

Of the five Ice Castles, two of them are within an easy day's drive.

You will find Ice Castles in New Brighton, Minnesota, which is in the Twin Cities area, and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee.

Talk about a Winter Wonderland.

These man-made ice sculptures on steroids are, simply, a 200 million pound block of ice. But that's not the half of it.

These ice castles have slides, mazes, tunnels and, of course, a throne.

According to the Ice Castles Facebook page, the Minnesota castle is now open, while the one in Wisconsin will open February 4.

Just so you know, there are also Ice Castles in New York, New Hampshire and Utah.

One word of advice when it comes to how to dress for a trip through an ice castle. Be sure and dress as you would for sledding or skiing, including winter boots.

For more information on The Ice Castles, including how to buy tickets, click here.

It's 'Frozen' Come to Life - Ice Castles Minnesota & Wisconsin

The Ice Castles in New Brighton, Minnesota and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin are now or soon will be open for the season.

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