Have you ever had someone say something to you that sounds outrageous, but ends up being absolutely correct? That's what happened when I read that one of Missouri's most beautiful lakes also happens to be one of the most dangerous in America.

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This rabbit trail of curiosity started when I saw an article on Only In Your State about a Missouri lake that hides a dangerous secret. It showed 2 of the main beaches at the Lake of the Ozarks. I've never considered them dangerous, but it turns out I was absolutely wrong.

How dangerous is Lake of the Ozarks?

Answer: VERY. Insider Monkey that lists Lake of the Ozarks as the #1 most dangerous lake in AmericaPond Informer is another of the sites that shared data of what lakes in America have had the most fatalities. Lake of the Ozarks is #9 among the most dangerous lakes in America. It sure doesn't look dangerous, but looks are actually deceiving in this case.

The fatalities listed on Pond Informer mention that most of the deaths at Lake of the Ozarks are the results of boating accidents and not venomous snakes. They theorize that the "drinking culture" at Lake of the Ozarks combined with those who take to the water in boats while intoxicated leads to the high numbers of those that lose their lives there.

It's good to know that underneath all of the natural beauty of Lake of the Ozarks lurks potential danger that don't take the responsibilities of being there serious enough.

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