A number of complaints about inferior workmanship and poor customer service by a Quincy business has drawn the scrutiny of the Better Business Bureau.

In a press release Wednesday, the BBB announced they have given a "F" rating to Backyard Adventures Pools & Spas at 1800 Broadway in Quincy, and have advised consumers to use caution when doing business with these folks.

Among the complaints fielded by the BBB, "A Mendon, Illinois, woman told BBB she paid Backyard Adventures Pools & Spas for an above ground pool to be installed in May 2020. She said she waited over a year for the pool to be installed and that happened only after a lawyer contacted the business on her behalf in August 2021."

Another complaint, "A Quincy woman said she also had problems with Backyard Adventures Pools & Spas. She paid the company $3,000 as a down payment for a hot tub in February 2021. She said the business promised her it be installed within a month. When she did not receive the hot tub, she said she asked for a refund that was denied by the business. Backyard Adventures Pool & Spas told BBB it told the woman it might be up to a year before her hot tub to be delivered."

The BBB interviewed the managers of Backyard Adventures. They blamed installation problems on the customers and COVID related supply issues for installation delays.

When dealing with pool installers, BBB advises you to research any business and its owners, ask for references, make sure you have a signed contract, ask for proof of insurance and pay by credit card whenever possible.

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