Baseball season is delayed...BUT the Cardinals want kids to still learn while at home!

The COVID-19 crisis in the United States has delayed the start of the MLB season, but more importantly it is forcing millions of kids to be away from schools and learning at home. The St. Louis Cardinals has a Cardinals Academic Program for kids to participate as they are learning at home. On their website they say...

"The Cardinals Academic Program is a field trip program at Busch Stadium that integrates the game of baseball with school curriculum and provides hands-on activities in various locations at Busch Stadium...Bring a completed worksheet from All-Star Anatomy or Cardinal Directions to the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum once we reopen to receive one (1) free child's museum admission with the purchase of one (1) adult admission ticket.

You can find these worksheets and more information on the Cardinals Academic Program by clicking here!

This is really cool for the Cardinals to offer to parents right now, not only will learning associated with the Cardinals make learning more fun, but also add the incentive of learning by offering free admission to their Hall of Fame and Museum, it's a total win win.

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