Life isn't easy. That's the truth. Sometimes things just don't go your way. For example, a woman paid good money to cuddle with cows and was wildly disappointed when they really didn't.

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If you'd like a good laugh, I heartily recommend you read the entire article on Insider about the woman who paid $150 to cuddle with cows. Read that again and try to keep a straight face. I dare you.

I read this woman's testimony thinking she was writing it as satire. It doesn't appear that was the case.

Her story begins with her desire to experience what she saw on Instagram reels where people cuddled cows and the experience was...wonderful. Her husband who grew up on a farm tried to warn her.

What was her cow cuddling experience really like? "They stepped on my feet. They jostled me" she said. She also said they were more interested in food than her. The travesty.

In the woman's defense, the cow cuddling trend began with the Dutch (as all good trends do).

This just in. Cows may or may not love you. It happens. Spending time on my grandma's farm growing up, the cows never did read a story to me or want me to embrace them. Mainly they just stared at me (and mooed). They were just being cows. Looking back, I am glad the cows didn't respond to my emotional needs. I now have $150 that lady doesn't because of that great fact so I win.

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