You don't see tornadoes this powerful in January very often, but 55 years ago a killer twister tore through St. Louis County leaving massive damage and loss of life.

It was January 24, 1967 when tornado now rated EF-4 ripped through much of the St. Louis area. The National Weather Service in St. Louis shared this somber memory today.

Damaging 1,000 homes and completely destroying 168, the devastation in the path of this monster was complete.

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According to data shared by the National Weather Service, the area had abnormally warm temps in the 70's days before this tragedy. It was on January 24 that a cold front came through which led to this volatile weather situation.

The tornado track shared by the National Weather Service shows the monster twister tore straight through much of the city.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

It wasn't the first January tornado and won't be the last, but it was historic in its damage and the aftermath that many families had to deal with for months afterward.

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