It's no secret that we had an extreme weather event this week. How windy was it? Answer: very. Over 50 Midwest locations had hurricane-force winds during Wednesday's storms.

If you're not familiar, it takes a day or so before the National Weather Service can fully assess what happened where. Today, the NWS Storm Prediction Center shared this graphic showing just how windy it was.

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Here's a slightly bigger version of their map showing 55 Midwest locations exceeded hurricane force winds of 75 mph or greater.

NWS Storm Prediction Center
NWS Storm Prediction Center

It's important to emphasize that hurricane-force and an actual hurricane are vastly different animals. A 75-mile-per-hour gust is severe, but a hurricane is defined as having 75 mph SUSTAINED winds on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Still, that many areas with winds of that magnitude is rare and as the Storm Prediction Center said, the most in a day in 17 years. Crazy.

The fact this happened in the middle of December is baffling also.

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