Christmas is coming, and it's probably safe to say that most Christmas shoppers have at least one  person is are hard to buy gifts for. Some of us have several people in that category. More and more shoppers are giving gift cards instead of actual presents. In fact, 62% of shoppers, according to CardHub, are expected to request at least one gift card during the holidays. What are the most popular gift cards shoppers are buying? A list of the top gift cards for the 2014 holiday season has been released. Here are the Top 10.

2014’s Most Popular Gift Cards 

1. Visa Gift Card
6. Walmart Gift Card
2. Amazon Gift Card
7. Target Gift Card
3. iTunes Gift Card
8. Google Play Gift Card
4. American Express Gift Card
9. eBay Gift Card
5. Netflix Gift Card
10. Starbucks Gift Card

CardHub also says that gift cards are the most sought after holiday gift for the eighth year in a row! That's amazing, because it wasn't that long ago that giving a gift card or gift certificate was perceived as somewhat lazy, but obviously attitudes are changing. We polled our audience last Christmas about whether or not it is OK to give a gift card as a Christmas gift, and 65% of those polled said yes, while another 28% said "sometimes."

Do you ever give gift cards to those on your shopping list?