If you are looking into colleges and you want to find a school that offers beautiful views with a world-class education, then you need to check out the two schools from Missouri that made the list of the Prettiest College Campuses in the US.

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Mizzou & Washington University are very pretty according to the article 56 Prettiest College Campuses in America from the website cntraveler.com. What makes Washinton University in St. Louis, and the University of Missouri in Columbia so pretty?

The site says this about Washington University...

"Walking through Washington University in St. Louis’ main campus, otherwise known as Danforth, is like a stroll through a small European town. Most of the buildings, including Green Hall, are Gothic-inspired structures clad in pale bricks. Plus, several of them are listed on the National Register of Historic Places."

The site goes on to say this about the University of Missouri...

"Mizzou, the first public university west of the Mississippi...the main campus is also, in its entirety, a designated botanic garden...Neoclassic and Neo Gothic buildings (some of which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places), ornate facades and columns, a butterfly garden, and numerous pedestrian and bicycle paths."

To see the full list of the 56 Prettiest College Campuses in America click here!

I will say that I have been to both of these college campuses and they both absolutely belong on this list! But unfortunately, if you want the beauty of these campuses you better have really good grades, neither of these schools is exactly easy to get accepted to.

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