The weather is starting to get better (finally) and there are some great restaurants that have outdoor dining that you need to take advantage of.

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Quincy has so many options when if comes to eating out, but not as many options for outdoor dining. For those who offer outdoor dining, they’re about to get busy with the weather getting nicer out. There is just something about eating dinner, watching the sun go down, and enjoying a glass of wine and taking it all in.

The Abbey

Before the pandemic that has just a small space of outdoor dining, but with the new expansion of the restaurant and having to set up tents for outdoor dining the space has grown so much. There are several tables not (some under a tent and some not) where you can sit and enjoy the very best of what the Abbey has to offer.


The best outdoor space to eat breakfast and start your day (for me anyway).


I have to admit, I have never eaten at Dunnbelly. but I hear it’s amazing, and the outdoor views are simply one of the best in Quincy. I might have to have a date night with the hubby to experience the outdoor dining at Dunnbelly.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Not only do you get wings and beer, but TVs to watch the game and eat outside. BDub's is on my families list of favorite places to eat outside, sometimes we count the cars coming in and out of Prairie Crossing. My girls and I try to entertain ourselves as much as we can.

Taproom Café

Fine dining and drinking all in downtown Quincy, what more do you need?

Mi Jalapeño

The outdoor dining space is perfect, especially on raining days. With the roof available and comfy chairs, you can sit outside, eat a fantastic meal, and watch the rain fall.

Q-Town BBQ

Indulge in the smell of great BBQ (and it taste yummy too). Another perfect date night spot for any couple.

Kelly's Tavern

Kelly's also created an outdoor dining space in the pandemic and decided to keep it in place for those who love to eat outside.

Chicks on the River

This dinning spot has everything. Trains, the Mississippi. a beautiful view of the Bayview Bride and the perfect setting to watch the sun go down.

Native Grill 

Right next to Chick on the River, you get the same outdoor dining experience with the view just at a different angle.

El Ranch

Other Quincy restaurant who had to utilize the outdoor dining to keep their doors open during the pandemic, and it worked so well they kept it and made a really nice outdoor space permanent.

On the Rail

A nice, private outdoor space awaits you at On the Rail. With the private fence that is up, you can really hide away and enjoy a peaceful lunch or dinner.


A great place to eat lunch outside and get a break in the day of staying in the office. There's just a few table's available, but if you can take advantage of one of them do so.

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