Is there anyone that is not amused by weird, funny and bizarre news? Stupid criminals, far-out inventions, local characters... for many of us, those are the stories that make the news worth reading! Here are some crazy headlines from around Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.

If you're going to dress up like a police officer and pull people over - which is a really terrible idea, by the way - it's probably not smart to pull over real police officers.

David Lentz

What was a naked man doing covered in Crisco? "Looking to party," of course. Not surprisingly, police "seized a quantity of drugs they suspected were methamphetamine."


It always stinks when you don't get the job, but something tells us that the company in question made the right call.

Jani Bryson

Believe it or not, it actually took two shots from a rifle before police realized they were firing on a piece of concrete.


This guy actually drives a Cadillac that runs on wood. Appropriately enough, he's from Woodward.


You know, I fought over all kinds of things with my brothers. Probably even some things that were dumber than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But it really never got so serious that anyone needed to be arrested.


Reports don't mention exactly what flavors of cakes and ice cream that Mr. Fudge is accused of stealing, but one can guess.

Bob Ingelhart