Burglars Targeting Quincy ATMs
In this corner… weighing approximately 280 pounds, standing six-foot-four, a man carrying burglar tools …and in this corner…a real heavyweight…an ATM…
The Haunted Villa Kathrine Castle of Quincy
Villa Kathrine, the lovely Moorish-like castle built on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in Quincy, has such an interesting history that I am not surprised to find a few spirits involved in the legend as well.
Although I found quite a few articles about William George Metz, the man who built…
Why Does Quincy’s Water Taste Bad?
Tap water in parts of Quincy has tasted “off” since Tuesday, but the City assures its residents that although it may be unpleasant to taste and smell, the water is safe to consume.
Curtis Lovelace Bond Reduced by $1.5 Million
BREAKING: Lovelace's bond has been reduced from $5 million to $3.5 million and he will soon be out of jail (under home confinement) as he awaits the next trial in October. Friends of Lovelace have agreed to post the required ten percent of the bond ($350,000).

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