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75th Annual Knights of Columbus BBQ Schedule
It's the last hurrah for the summer, before the kids head back to school, everything becomes pumpkin flavored, and you have to think of a killer name for your Fantasy Football team. It's time for the 75th Annual Knights of Columbus BBQ, going on this weekend at the Knights of Columbus grou…
Asian Carp in the Mississippi River May Have Met Their Match
If you spend any time on the Mississippi River you have had to deal with Asian Carp that have invaded the Mississippi River with a vengeance. The aggressive Asian Carp have harmed the eco-system of the river and have competed fiercely with the native fish of the river for food diminishing the popula…
The West Quincy Levee Break Took Place 23 Years Ago Today
If you were around Quincy 23 years ago today, you probably know where you were when you heard the news that the levee in West Quincy failed to hold back the mighty Mississippi River. We all knew when it happened because the news and the river spread like wildfire. What we didn't know at the time was…
Why Does Quincy’s Water Taste Bad?
Tap water in parts of Quincy has tasted “off” since Tuesday, but the City assures its residents that although it may be unpleasant to taste and smell, the water is safe to consume.
Curtis Lovelace Bond Reduced by $1.5 Million
BREAKING: Lovelace's bond has been reduced from $5 million to $3.5 million and he will soon be out of jail (under home confinement) as he awaits the next trial in October. Friends of Lovelace have agreed to post the required ten percent of the bond ($350,000).

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